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C4 and FMX Automatic Transmission
302 and 351 Cleveland Engine


Ford C4 and FMX
Automatic Transmission Rebuild Manual

Ford C4 and FMX Automatic Transmission Overhaul Manual
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This is the most comprehensive workshop manual available for the C4 and FMX Automatic Transmission.

Suitable for the home workshop mechanic or professional technician. Very easy step by step instructions with lots of diagrams.

This C4 and FMX Rebuild Manual contains the following information:

  • Fully bookmarked & interactive index (for easy navigation)
  • Diagnosis and Testing
    • Fluid Leakage Test
    • Fluid Leakage around converter
    • Engine idle speed test
    • Linkage checks
    • Control pressure and vacuum diaphragm unit check
    • Vacuum unit check
    • Control Pressure test
    • Air pressure checks
  • Common Adjustments and Repairs
    • Drain and refill fluid
    • Oil cooler flushing procedure
    • Automatic diagnosis guide
    • Oil cooler tube replacement
  • Cleaning and Inspection
    • Cleaning transmission
    • Converter
    • Front pump and stator support
    • Governor
    • Clutch Assembly
    • Control Valve Body
    • Pinion carriers
    • Servo Assemblies
  • Description
    • Torque Converter operation
    • Transmission operation
  • In-Car Adjustment and Repairs
    • Control linkage adjustment
    • Throttle adjustment
    • Kick down adjustment
    • Linkage adjustment console and column shift
    • Neutral start switch adjustment
    • Band adjustment
    • Control valve body replacement
    • Intermediate servo repair
    • Low-reverse servo piston replacement
    • Extension Housing Bushing and rear seal replacement
    • Extension housing and governor replacement
  • Removal and Installation
    • Removal of transmission
    • Installation of transmission
  • Major Repair Operations
    • Disassembly of transmission
    • Transmission end play check
    • Removal of case and extension housing parts
    • Transmission case and linkage repair
    • Dismantle control valve body
    • Front pump
    • Reverse high clutch
    • Forward clutch
    • Forward hub clutch and ring gear
    • Input shell and sun gear
    • Reversing ring gear and hub
    • Governor and oil distributor
    • Bushing replacement
    • Assembly of transmission
  • Specifications
    • Torque limits
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Ford C4 and FMX Transmission Overhaul Manual $14.99 Immediate Download!
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